A global organisation for osteopaths and practitioners using osteopathic philosophy and concepts in practice


Supporting practitioners engaged with or wanting to explore healthcare practice through the application of osteopathic philosophy and concepts of care. 

Providing information for the public, for healthcare professionals, to support patient care, to illustrate osteopathic hypotheses and concepts in practice, to share the perspectives osteopaths and osteopathic practitioners bring to their concepts of how to help people and how to contribute to healthcare systems, and how to work with other health care professionals and systems.

…we especially want to develop the evidence framework for practice and also to SHARE this publicly to help people with informed consent and to help illustrate where evidence informed practice stands, can be improved or developed and in what way…

Our second main aim is to host clinical special interest groups, that will enable practitioners to focus their clinical knowledge, develop a higher standard of practice and understanding, and to support professional progression in key fields of care. These special interest groups will also help our projects, which is to develop resources and information for particular patient groups / particular clinical presentations.

Members of the special interest groups can apply for or be recommended to become fellows or diplomates of the ISOHC – (speciality). Please see the special interest groups page for details.