I have now submitted the report from ISOHC just before the 11am today extended deadline we had been given.

Thank you so much for everyone that responded, offered papers, information inks and ideas of people to contact.

Much heartfelt appreciation also to those who have donated to support the ISOHC efforts in this regard.

Thanks to Zoe Merkazy also for proof reading – I promise I only added a few more bits after you put in your edits!!

If you would like a copy of our report, you can download it here. Please remember this was prepared in under 12 hours, and so I am sure there could have been more put in, but hopefully it will still serve a purpose. PLEASE NOTE – THE ACTUAL SUBMISSION HAD TO BE INCLUDED ON A SPECIAL FORM, AND SO THE REPORT WAS REPORDUCED IN THAT FORMAT FOR THE ACTUAL SUBMISSION.

If you would like to download the report it is free, but please consider making a small token donation!

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