Independent Research

The ISOHC is committed to supporting independent researchers within the osteopathic community. The vast majority of osteopaths work outside of universities or mainstream healthcare systems, even in countries where they are statutorily registered such as the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

In these circumstances individual members of the profgesssion are at a disadvantage when trying to undertake primary research, as an independent researcher.

There is though an increasing number of unaffiliated independent researchers within many disciplines and many networks and associations now exist to enable and support independent research. It is the aim of ISOHC to network in this community and to help establish avenues for independent research.

The following resources are of interest for those who wish to pursue independent research. We have an evidence club as part of our membership, and in order to become a senior fellow of ISOHC applicants will need to undertake primary research and ISOHC will help organise projects to enable independent research to be done.