Our focus

Osteopaths, and independant practitioners with primary osteopathic qualifications, are part of an autonomous professional community which is constantly striving for the highest quality in patient care – here at the Society we aim to support this endeavour – and through providing information and education about integrated clinical practice, to bring the osteopathic contribution to as many people in need as possible.


We seek to develop expert panels, drawing from practitioners in the field, and to support special interest groups who work with particular clinical groups; thereby encouraging clinical reflection, and engagement with the latest evidence.  We seek to help develop and promote that evidence base and standards for practice.  Through our membership fees and your donations we can fund more analysis of the osteopathic contribution to, we hope, the benefit of as many people in need as possible. 


All healthcare provision strives to provide the best care in the most cost effective manner.  Osteopaths, and independent practitioners using osteopathic concepts and approaches, believe that they can work alongside, and so support national healthcare delivery policies, in the constant drive to bring as much benefit to patients as possible. Through our membership fees and your donations we seek to develop and share information and research to foster an inter-professional debate about how best osteopaths and independent practitioners using osteopathic concepts and approaches can contribute to the wider healthcare services. 


Community is the family that goes beyond family. It is the people and places that we come in contact with each and every day. When we strengthen communities, we strengthen individuals.  The Society for Osteopathic Healthcare seeks to draw on the extensive experience of our practitioner members and their patients, to provide a ‘from the ground-up’ drive to broaden the community of people and stakeholders that are better informed about the potential for osteopathic approaches in heath care.