Our projects

Our first projects will be focusing on the Role of Osteopaths supporting pregnant women, infant feeding, maternal mental health and how Osteopaths can engage in a multi-disciplinary environment in these fields of care, at an advanced practice level.

For more information about osteopathy, women’s health and care for mother and child, please visit our ‘Care of mother and child’ page.

Osteopaths’ scope of practice already involve the care of women and children.
How should an advanced level of care be defined? What roles do or can osteopaths undertake? What is the underlying evidence to support this practice? How should this relate to the particular jurisdiction of practice for an osteopath in different countries and regions?
To explore these issues we have identified several projects:

1) Paediatric Credentialing Project, with reference to maternal and infant feeding support.

2) Development of a specific Role for Osteopaths – in Maternal and Infant Feeding Support – a possible new AHP role to be reviewed and developed in a UK setting. 

3) The OPIS Project – an osteopathic public information service, looking to collate, clarify and share information about the evidence framework in support of this field of care, and how a research strategy should be focused to clarify care pathways and guidance for practice globally. 

4) A public discussion forum for patients and others across the globe, to share and highlight concepts underpinning current, historical and possible future contributions that osteopaths, wherever they practice, may provide – as evidence and practice guidelines further develop.