Application for membership – one off administrative joining fee

This one-off joining / administrative fee enables us to process your membership application and to check your osteopathic qualifications.  Once we have accepted your application you will be able to subscribe to basic membership or add on other membership levels, such as the evidence and journal club, or the clinical special interest groups.

The application fee is non refundable, whether you decide to proceed or not, or whether we are able to accept your application or not.

Applicants will need to provide a copy of their primary osteopathic qualification – you will need to email us this evidence.

You can then begin to join our membership tiers – you will need to sign up for BASIC MEMBERSHIP FIRST to unlock the other groups, such as the evidence club or the special clinical interest groups.

Available subscriptions | International Society for Osteopathic Healthcare (

We also have some advanced membership levels: the Fellowship or Diplomate levels , and these depend on you meeting certain criteria and being assessed / credentialed – in other words you need to demonstrate a variety of professional activities such as undertaking research, publications in a peer reviewed journal, or have undertaken extensive practice audit for example to illustrate your in-depth engagement with and skills relating to a particular field of practice.

The aim is to allow those members with particular expertise and experience to publicize their status with us, thereby allowing patients, other practitioners and healthcare workers to identify those with particular skills and expertise.

Our education and standards committee sets and oversees these processes.