Education and Standards Officer

DO in 1998 from studies at the ESO (UK) and Scandinavian School of Osteopathy (SCOS) Gothenburg – Sweden

Elected board member of the Swedish Osteopathic Association 1997- 2021 – Several years of study with John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy and the Institute of Classical Osteopathy

MSc 2015 in Osteopathic Medicin Dresden University – Germany

Hon Mem Kirksville College of Osteopathic Allumni Association for work promoting the osteopathic profession 2017 – USA

Elected Board member EFO (European Federation of Osteopaths) 2014

Member of the technical committee for the  CEN process – 2012-2015

2015 elected vice-presiden EFO

2016 elected president of EFO

Worked hard and was instrumental in the merger of EFO (European Federation of Osteopaths) and FORE (Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe) to become EFFO (European Federation and Forum for Osteopathy)

2018 elected president EFFO

Stepped down as president March 2020

Education and osteopathic standards are very important to me.  I think that the CEN Document voted in 2015 as being the European norm is very important.  Educational standards differs across the EU, and to have a guiding document is of great importance.

Since 2016 – I work as a Consultant to Austrian Standards Institute as an Auditor for Certification of Osteopathic Schools.


Osteopathy is fantastic, education is important! Everyone needs an osteopath!


Personal reflection – We can all be good osteopaths, but during my years of basic training and CPD I have attending many courses and will say this –

The men are always very sure of what the problem is, the women are very unsure to voice their opinion, but most of the time the women are right!


We need strong women and we need to encourage women to believe in their self and in their abilities!