Who we are

Our Aims and Values

We are strongly driven by a commitment to enhance and enable osteopathic practice around the world to be better understood and to become available to all.  To enable this the Society aims to develop information and education / standards for practice in discrete fields of care, created by our member osteopaths, and practitioners using osteopathic concepts, which will be available to support collaboration, professional development, and public awareness.  We aim to periodically publish statements, reports and other publications that can inform people and to support those bodies who undertake negotiation with other healthcare providers and current National Osteopathic Bodies and other Stakeholders.

We are newly founded to bring a stronger voice to our practitioner-member osteopaths and fellow independent practitioners and their patients, who daily experience together the contribution that osteopathic approaches in care can make to their lives. 
We wish to develop information and guidelines that will help Osteopaths and independent practitioners using osteopathic principles in practice, and their National Associations and Regulatory Bodies, further their communications with a variety of stakeholders in negotiating how the application of osteopathic principles in practice can have a role in local healthcare delivery systems and services, whether these are situated in the UK, Europe, Australasia, the Americas and Canada, or the Rest of the World.  The Society is independent of these regional regulatory bodies and professional associations.  
We believe all osteopaths and independent practitioners using osteopathic concepts have a voice that can contribute to the global community of healthcare practice and each one can enhance how the various health professions develop and how patients and those in need can be supported.